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Site history

This site is administered by Francis O’Reilly. He started a blog on 24 May 2010 with the first post one week later on 01 May 2010. There were further blog posts in May 2010 and some more in November 2010.

In  January 2011, he created the website thelogicof  and presented some of his original research there. He amended some of the earlier blog posts and added contact details, but there were no further posts, other than a reference to his ongoing picket of the Dáil on Saturdays [see below].

In early June 2013 the site was down. This page has been online since 12 June 2013.




Crimes site concerned with

In September 2009 Francis O’Reilly presented evidence of cheating in the second Lisbon Treaty Referendum. There was an attempt to procure his suicide and attempts to murder him. Oppressive new technology was used in the attempts on his life and has been used to oppress him since then.

Francis O’Reilly has stated - though not on this website before June 2013 - that
1. the Irish Government and European Union were behind the attempts to procure his suicide and the attempts to murder him
2. the European Union, with the complicity of successive Irish governments, is knowingly and systematically using oppressive new technology in Ireland for the multiple commission of inhumane acts, like torture, as part of a policy to commit such acts.

The European Union and Irish government attempted, using this oppressive new technology and by other means, to get Francis O’Reilly to make seditious statements or statements that could be portrayed as seditious in his blog, though without success. It is not seditious to accuse the European Union and Irish goverment of infringements of human rights.




Cheating in Lisbon Treaty referendum

Francis O’Reilly only had time to consider two information booklets and one TV ad produced by the Referendum Commission as part of the second Lisbon Treaty referendum in September 2009 before  the attempts on his life. He spent most of the time before the referendum took place on 02 October 2009 in hospital recovering from his injuries and was in a debilitated condition for some time afterwards. He did not have a chance to see the other TV ads produced by the Referendum Commission for the referendum until March 2011. He has not presented the further evidence of cheating  contained in these TV ads either on this site or elsewhere and has confined himself to simply restating the evidence he presented in September 2009.





Francis O’Reilly reported the crimes commited against him in April 2011. Because of threats made against the lives of witnesses to the crimes and the perpetrators of the crimes, he waited for the government to change. He now believes this to have been a mistake and that the European Union has been and remains the power in control in Ireland regardless of which goverment is in place. It is the European Union that is responsible for the ongoing use of oppressive new technology in Ireland.

There was no effective investigation by the Gardaí of the crimes Francis O’Reilly reported to them. He only had the opportunity to make one statement in relation to the most serious of the crimes and was not asked even one question in respect of his statement or any other matters before he was informed in September 2011 that the investigation had been closed down. He complained to the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commision (GSOC) in October 2011. He was told on 25 November 2011 that his files had been sent to the Commissioners. On 12 December 2011 two of the three Commissioners were replaced. Francis O’Reilly was told on 03 January 2012 that the new commissioners had undertaken to review all cases. On 25 January 2012, he was informed by letter that his complaints against the Gardaí were all inadmissible. This is in spite of the fact that his complaints concerned Gardaí acting as accessories to the attempt to procure his suicide and the attempts to murder him, serious harm he suffered while in the custody of the Gardaí and as a result of Garda operations, and Gardaí closing down the investigation into the crimes he reported without there being an effective investigation.

Francis O’Reilly went to the High Court as an applicant in person (Case No. 2012 235 JR, Francis O’Reilly -v- The Garda Ombudsman Commission) and obtained an order of certiorari quashing the GSOC decision  that his complaints were inadmissible. He was prevented from seeking discovery against the GSOC because oppressive new technology was used to infringe his human rights while he was before the President of the High Court, so that the case was settled against his wishes and his interests. The GSOC’s response to the quashing order was simply to reaffirm their inadmissibility decision.

Francis O’Reilly is continuing to try to get justice for the crimes committed against him.





On 18 November 2010, Francis O’Reilly first picketed the Dáil. On 01 December 2010, the anniversary of the entering into force of the Lisbon Treaty, he picketted the Dáil form 12 noon to 12 midnight. In spite of intimidation and threats, he has continued to picket the Dáil every Saturday without exception since then.

He can be found there on Saturdays between 15:00 and 16:00. If there is any kind of demonstration taking place in front of the Dáil, he moves further up Kildare Street.





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Phone: +353 (0)87 288 5460

Post: 210 Glasnevin Avenue, Dublin 11.

I will respond to any attempt to contact me. If you do not get a response, the communication may have been blocked. Please try another means.

I can be contacted in person outside the Dáil (or further up Kildare Street if a demonstaration is taking place) every Saturday between 15:00 and 16:00.

Please indicate if you were involved in events related to the second Lisbon Treaty referendum in September 2009.